Golden Shamrock Slot

Net Entertainment will get you into the St. Patrick’s Day mood with their themed Golden Shamrock Video Slot Machine. The Shamrock is a green and young clover that is common in Irish More »

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Golden Shamrock Slot

Net Entertainment will get you into the St. Patrick’s Day mood with their themed Golden Shamrock Video Slot Machine. The Shamrock is a green and young clover that is common in Irish Culture. It is said that the shamrock symbolized the Holy Trinity.

The connection between the Shamrock and St. Patrick is the fact that some of the most popular artistic impressions of him show him holding a clover and it is said he was trying to explain to the people how the shamrock is used to refer to the Holy Trinity (the Holy Trinity refers the 3 super deities that guide us in life and that is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit).

This video slot machine game touches on symbols that are well known in Irish culture such as the mythical leprechaun and the fact that he controls a pot of gold found at the end of a rainbow. You must admit, Irish culture is quite interesting. The Golden Shamrock is a video slot machine game that has that Irish touch and with all those lucky symbols in that culture, you have a great chance of making winning spins.

How to play:

The Golden Shamrock Video Slot Machine game is a 5-reel slot machine with 20 bet lines that let you put a max bet of 10 coins per line. The coin value in this game is between 0.01 and 0.50 and the maximum bet per spin is 200 coins. The game allows you to select the coin value, bet lines and bet level of the game you wish to play. On either side of the spin button is the ‘Max Bet’ button that selects the maximum bet lines and bet level and autospins that round. The coin value in this case does not change. If you have played on Steam Tower slot then you will know exactly what to expect.  On the other side of the spin button is the Autoplay button that gives the computer power to spin for you.

Shamrock Regular Symbols:

The Golden Shamrock video slot machine game has that Irish feel to it and the symbols are no exception. The Ace, King and Queen symbols are depicted by a bag of goodies. Another symbol is the Pot of Gold (believed in Irish folklore to belong to a Leprechaun and can be found at the end of a rainbow). Other symbols include the Leprechaun hat, Gold Horseshoe, Golden Harp, Leprechaun’s pipe, an accordion and of course, a pair of beer mugs.

Expanding Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Expanding Wild symbol is signified by the star of Irish folklore; the Leprechaun. This symbol when spun in a winning spin will stretch down the reel it landed on and give you higher chances of scoring winning paylines. This symbol appears on reels 2 to 4 and does not substitute the scatter symbol or activate the free spin bonus round.

The Scatter symbol is depicted by a Golden Shamrock in the shape of a clover. This can appear anywhere on the game and when 3 or more of them appear on the game, it will activate the Free Spin Bonus Round.

Free Spin Bonus Round

The Free Spin Bonus Round is activated when 3 or more Golden Shamrock scatter symbols are spun anywhere in a game. To find out how many free spins you get, select one of the winning scatter symbols to reveal the spins. During the free spin bonus round, 2 or more scatter symbols spun can give you a multiplier or more free spins and this is determined by clicking on one of the Golden Shamrock Symbols. The maximum multiplier is X5 in the bonus round. When all free spins are done, the game returns to the regular rounds.

Skill Stop and Autospin Features

The Skill Stop feature is within the Spin button. This feature is activated during a spin where you can manually stop the spin before its time. This does not disable the Spin button’s capability to automatically stop. You can also select ‘quick spin’ in the video slot machine settings and this speeds up the reel spins time.

The Autoplay feature in the Golden Shamrock video slot machine has 2 buttons. There is the autoplay button next to the Spin button and there is the ‘auto’ button at the bottom of the slot machine. Both buttons allow you to select a number of spins between 10 and 1000 and the computer does the rest for you. In the advanced settings in Autoplay, you can select to stop the autoplay spins when a win is spun, if you win a certain number of coins or if your grand total coins reach a certain level.


The Golden Shamrock Video Slot Machine offers you a chance to play the game in fun mode. But with all those lucky symbols, why not try to bet real money once you get the hang of the game. You are able to win a maximum payline jackpot of 4000 coins as long as the paylines are active. Spinning 5 Pot of Gold symbols can get you the jackpot win. When playing the game, you will notice that the Euro is the default currency. You can choose to change the denominations to the US Dollar or the Sterling Pound, but this will not change the coin amount displayed. Enjoy the Golden Shamrock video slot machine game straight from the Net Entertainment and with all the luck these symbols bring, you just might win big.



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The website was initially launched under the PlayTech software platform, but over the years, they have innovated and increased their base to incorporate a number of software support.

Since the number of games has largely increased, many software companies have virtually come together on this platform to extend support and security.

The software support includes Microgaming, NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Aristocrat, BetSoft and Blueprint Gaming among others. Games on offer include the excellent Jack and the Beanstalk Slot, Gonzo’s Quest, and Starburst.

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Games, Bonus and Various Promotions

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About Hanggai

The Chinese band, Hanggai specialises in folk music hailing from Beijing. Their forte is the amalgamation of Mongolian music folk culture with that of modern beats and style, something more like punk.

Hanggai Band is an innovation in the Chinese music industry. They have brought a combination of Mongolian folk and modern music together successfully. This ethnic and modern culture assimilation has created a unique musical era in Beijing. The members of the band are mainly Mongolians from the ground, and some are indigenous Han who love to play instruments from Mongolia. All of them belong to the interiors of Mongolia as well as Beijing.

Background and Origin

The name of the band has an interesting connection to nature. It is utopian nature, where there is beauty of grass, the tall mountains, the flowing river and endless blue skies. The band was initiated by the efforts of the founder llchi, who was amused and taken aback with the enchanting art of gullet singing (from throat). He desired to explore more about it. He travelled to the inner parts of Mongolia, and found solace in his other band members Bagen and Hugejiltu.

Bagen and Ilchi are still a part of the band. Both of them lend their voices to the songs as well as play tobshuur and morin khuur respectively. The other members are Yilalata (Ileta)-guitar and vocals, Hurizha (Hurcha)-vocals, Niu Xin-bass, Xu Jingchen-guitar, and Li Zhongtao-percussion.

Influences and the Styles of Hanggai

The members are of diverse origins. The leader of the band llchi has been the main front previously in a punk origin band. Therefore, this blend and mixture of ethnicity with popular culture has shaped the band into a unique art form.

Their main use of instruments which are traditional Mongolian is morin khuur as well as tobushuur.  The use of non- traditional is also very much there. Like in their introductory song, they have used an electric sound out of the guitar, which was transformed into a more techno sound through computer software and programming. The use of throat singing, which is the main culture of Mongolian singing is used in their band. Basically, two varied pitches of singing is used.


The first performance of the band took place in 2010 at a metal based music carnival, which is called the Wacken Open Air. Next, in the year 2011 was the Sydney Festival where they performed in January.

Then was the three-day performance lined up from June 9th to 12th in the year 2011, which was at the Bonnaroo Music and Art fest. This fest was held in Manchester, Tennessee.

In the same year, they performed at the Woodford Folk fest that is held in December. It had a lot of crowd in each of their performance, and people who were seen enjoying and dancing.

Recognition and Awards

  • The band was on number 6 spot in a UK magazine, which had the list of Best World CDs in 2010.
  • It was the only one chosen from Asia for the Songline Magazine in the year 2010 again under the “Top ten CDs.”
  • It won the award of the Best Rock Album of the Year in the awards of Music now 11th year.
  • The 11th Mandarin Music Media awards saw the Best Band and the Best Minority Music awards given to Hanggai.